Comprehensive Profiles

There are without question those Indigenous communities that stand out and need no introduction. Unfortunately, most Indigenous communities in Canada are relatively unknown until they are the subject of a news story where a crisis is the focus of the day!

ITFC offers comprehensive economic profiles of Indigenous communities in an effort to enhance industry’s insight into the economic opportunities that exist. ITFC offers more than a list of links you can get on a google search. The comprehensive profiles offered on the platform come form the community and provide insight into the opportunities of today and tomorrow! The profiles are just a starting point providing knowledge and insight to help build economic partnerships.

ITFC helps build the relationships, the opportunities often emerge on their own!

To have access the comprehensive profiles and become an activate participant in a local, regional and national inclusion and engagement effort in building a national response to economic reconciliation that benefits everyone, register today!

With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent and invested you will wonder why you have waited so long!

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