Our Partnerships!

ITFC and Make a Wish Foundation

At the time who would have though Covid was going to last as long as it did and turn our economy upside down. In hindsight the timing of our Strategic Engagement Agreement with the MAF was terrible! Fortunately, good ideas never die and we are please to forge in ahead in 2024 with a strategic engagement agreement that is near and dear to the company. As a father of a wish child, I recognized that critically ill Indigenous children were under served.

How it works? The Nahihtamowin program will be administered through the Make a Wish Foundation. Our role is to utilize our platform to identify potential Nahihtamowin children. Critically ill Indigenous children must be recommended by an Indigenous community who are members of the platform. Please note -Indigenous communities participate free on the platform so there is no cost to recommend a child. The dash board area of the community member has all the links and forms to recommend a child.


ITFC and the TEMA Foundation

What makes a healthy workforce, healthy people! ITFC intends to collaborate with the Foundation focusing on mental health and wellness for Indigenous frontline workers, first responders, healthcare professionals, public safety personnel, and the important people in their lives. Through the SEA, the parties will deliver impactful education to Indigenous individuals and businesses across Canada. Customized online training delivered over the ITFC online learning platform,www.wewillchange.ca is a response to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

ITFC and Chambers of Commerce

ITFC in its travels across the country heard from business who spoke candidly about their role in economic reconciliation. Their concern was that they thought they were too small and too remote to make a difference. This is a legitimate concern when you consider the overwhelming size of the problem. In addition, we recognized that organizations in general were suffering from the effects of Covid and the growing demand to do more with less. ITFC provides a solution that helps both! The LRN Cluster Partner initiative provides an innovative new revenue stream for the chamber, a discounted rate to its members and a sense of belonging to a larger group who share a willingness to advance the indigenous economic inclusion and engagement of their local Indigenous communities.


To become or join one of our partnership initiatives please contact us today!