Google searches cannot compete with local knowledge. Indigenous freelance workers are willing to share their knowledge and community insights. For new and exciting economic opportunities with the potential to expand your business ITFC will find the right "FIT" for your business.

    The Remote Work Revolution

  • ITFC will assists members recruit subject matter experts in a variety of industry sectors that will save you money, achieve your business development goals and expand your area of opportunity with the click of a mouse!
  • Your company will have access to an experienced team with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the barriers, challenges and most importantly the opportunity that is waiting for you! Put us to work today!

    Essential Job Creation

  • Most major enterprises are taking advantage of the remote worker phenomenon to enhance and further their diversity, equity and engagement strategies
  • Millions of dollars in investments establishing affordable, reliable internet make it easier to engage with remote Indigenous communities and service providers.

Engaging subject matter experts for short term, recurring and long-term engagements is an advantage that reflects on your bottom line!

Every “big” project starts small, usually with a conversation that is critical to the “duty to consult” process. Hire a Virtual Indigenous Service Provider to ensure you are on the right track from the very beginning!

What you can expect as a member!

Effective Lead Generation

Establishing a local connection within 700+ Indigenous communities will advance your business development by identifying leads and opportunities that might otherwise be missed!

Relevant Insights

A network that identifies liaisons in over 75 different categories and in over 700 communities across Canada provides a digital workforce of over 37,000 liaisons that your business will benefit from!

A Remote Work Force

Embracing a new digital workforce will become the “new normal”. We provide a single click solution to identifying, hiring and compensating a liaison officer in any community, province or territory in Canada.

Providing the technology and connectivity to optimize your remote workforce