Recruitment Solutions

The right hire can dramatically affect your business for the good while the wrong hire can have disastrous ramifications! Let ITFC make sure you find the right person to join your team!

As we “rethink” traditional recruitment practices we must acknowledge a significant change in the priorities of the job seeker. We should ask, what are successful companies doing right in their recruitment strategies and how can we emulate those practices?


Key Offerings

Job seekers are prioritizing the following and so should you. So, ask are yourself, are you an employer who values and promotes;

  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Market leading compensation
  • Work place flexibility
  • Connectivity to team environments
  • Long term benefits

If so, ITFC can help you with your recruitment needs!

Just as Job seeker needs are changing so are the needs and expectations of employers.

ITFC assists employers identify candidates that "fit" their corporate culture

  • Critical Thinking
  • Self awareness
  • Desire to learn
  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Collaboration

The ITFC onboarding procedure allows the job seeker to prioritize their personal and professional skills. Choosing only five of fifteen common and sought-after personal skills, the job seekers provide the potential employer with insights that match the work culture the employer is promoting.

Employers Benefits

Employers benefit from insights into the job seekers aspirations and talents from written answers to five strategic questions the job seeker can provide. Job seekers can voluntarily answer all or any of the following questions:

Employers are looking for candidates who demonstrate a capacity to think. What is your response to this?


What is the one thing you want a prospective employer to know about you?


How do you feel about companies that do not invest in educational opportunities.


If you were to reflect back on your last employment, what was it that they did not do to keep you?


What quality makes you an immediate asset to a potential employer.


ITFC Provide Quality Applicants

Providing quality applicants saves time, money allowing ITFC members the opportunity to make a real investment in Human Capital.

An effective end to end recruitment strategy is only one of the many cost saving functionalities of the #1 ranked economic inclusion and engagement platform recommended by Google!


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