Sweatlodge Technologies Introduces Indigenous Freelance Functionality

Media Enquiries:

Rae Klassen

11-Apr-2023, Halifax Nova Scotia - Mobilizing a Remote Workforce:

Some have called it the “remote work revolution” and have suggested that it could be the most important and significant opportunity for job creation and economic empowerment for Indigenous peoples ever!
We at ITFC agree!
ITFC offers individuals and communities the opportunity to expand their reach and create jobs for their people through an innovative fully ecommerce freelance functionality. Enhanced connectivity provides gateway to mobilize a remote workforce providing income, an important social determinant of health!
Indigenous economic inclusion needs to be the “new reality” was the theme of a conference held in BC as the speaker discussed the benefits of engagement with Indigenous peoples. With billions of dollars in new projects and developments the opportunity for inclusion and engagement has never been greater.
It is not however limited to “big” projects. Corporate Canada has identified the Indigenous economy as one of the most promising economic opportunities and yet have not figured out how to effectively engage it. We have provided a gateway for them to do so!
We have provided an opportunity and an alternative to corporate Canada who are not ready to commit to a “full time hire” but are willing to hire Freelancers that can provide insight in a wide range of economic opportunities.
Its not just about artists who are looking for commissions, or IT people who are looking for a short-term gig, its about every aspect of the economy.
Its about a sport shop who would like to sell uniforms to your communities’ sports teams, a pipe shop who would like to engage someone with public works experience, a company who is looking for a general economic update on opportunities within your area and will contract for the info.
The opportunities are great, your participation is free and it will power the local economy for years to come.